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Weston Farmer Designs

Several years ago, Wes Farmer, the son of Weston Farmer, asked us if we would be interested in selling his father's designs in our store. At first, I was not sure about selling plans that are half a century old with no designer to call if you run into trouble. Modern designers use different materials and different techniques. Then I realized that's the whole point.

Everyone knows that these traditional designs are much more difficult to execute, but they are classics. Some day you will not be able to find these designs anywhere. Besides, what about the challenge of building a boat where craftsmanship counts for something? No "liquid joinery" allowed. Build one of these boats, and you are a real boat builder.

Now Weston Farmer's plans are being handled by Dave Farmer, the grandson of the designer.

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Wanigan Wanigan

Free Plans

Assassin Plans Assassin Plans

16' Double ended launch, wood

Our Price: $30.00
Irreducible Plans Irreducible Plans

10' Inboard Launch

Our Price: $30.00
Rob Roy Plans Rob Roy Plans

15' combination canoe and kayak

Our Price: $47.00
Shore Bird Plans Shore Bird Plans

14' flat-bottom outboard skiff

Our Price: $57.00
Badger Plans Badger Plans

Modified outboard dory

Our Price: $65.00
Jenny Wren Plans Jenny Wren Plans

a double ended yawl

Our Price: $65.00
Piute Plans Piute Plans

25' sensible deep sea runabout

Our Price: $65.00
Simplex Plans Simplex Plans

18' military type outboard cruiser

Our Price: $65.00
Sundance Plans Sundance Plans

A flush decked outboard cruiser

Our Price: $77.00
Galatea Plans Galatea Plans

a tabloid auxiliary sloop

Our Price: $77.00
Robinson Crusoe Plans Robinson Crusoe Plans

26' clinker built cruiser

Our Price: $77.00
Sun Dog Plans Sun Dog Plans

30' inboard cruiser

Our Price: $77.00
Suremike II Plans Suremike II Plans

21' Military style outboard cruiser

Our Price: $77.00
Whistler Plans Whistler Plans

15' 9" lightweight, inboard runabout

Our Price: $77.00
Diana Plans Diana Plans

classic fantail steam launch

Our Price: $85.00
Kingfisher Plans Kingfisher Plans

17' Utility Launch

Our Price: $85.00
Poor Richard Plans Poor Richard Plans

21' Skipjack

Our Price: $85.00
Tintillee Plans Tintillee Plans

18' utility style inboard launch

Our Price: $85.00
Trumpet Plans Trumpet Plans

18' rough water runabout

Our Price: $85.00
Elco Plans Elco Plans

classic fantail steam launch

Cherub Plans Cherub Plans

Steel redesign of Rabl's 'Picaroon'

Our Price: $135.00
Tahitiana Plans Tahitiana Plans

32' steel sailing cruiser