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Aloha SUP Plans Aloha SUP Plans

An SUP meant for smaller paddlers

Annabelle Skiff Plans Annabelle Skiff Plans

A skiff for sailing and rowing

Baffin Bay Plans Baffin Bay Plans

A traditional Greenland style kayak

Big Aloha Plans Big Aloha Plans

A larger version of the Aloha SUP

Boardyak Plans Boardyak Plans

Stand up paddleboard or sit on top kayak

Chamberlain Gunning Dory Plans Chamberlain Gunning Dory Plans

A handsome pulling dory

Chautauqua  Plans Chautauqua Plans

A sensational sailing canoe

Chuckanut 15 Plans Chuckanut 15 Plans

A recreational style tandem kayak

Chuckanut 10, 12 & 12s Plans Chuckanut 10, 12 & 12s Plans

3 recreational style kayaks

Chuckanut 17 Plans Chuckanut 17 Plans

A recreational style tandem kayak

Kidyak Plans Kidyak Plans

A kid size kayak for kids.

Lanui Plans Lanui Plans

A stand up paddleboard

Light Melonseed Plans Light Melonseed Plans

A seaworthy gunning skiff

Mobjack Bay Plans Mobjack Bay Plans

A Greenland style kayak for lighter weight paddlers

PH13 Plans PH13 Plans

A lightweight solo canoe

Piankatank River Pram Plans Piankatank River Pram Plans

A handy row/sail dinghy pram

Rushton's IGO Canoe Plans Rushton's IGO Canoe Plans

A fast solo or tandem canoe

Ruth Plans Ruth Plans

A high performance rowing wherry

Shenandoah Whitehall Plans Shenandoah Whitehall Plans

A superb solo or family rowboat

Splinter Plans Splinter Plans

An outrigger sailing canoe

Wee Lassie Plans Wee Lassie Plans

A classic solo canoe

Veloce' Racing Scull Plans Veloce' Racing Scull Plans

A Rowing Shell that can be built in any of 3 lengths

Trout Lily Plans Trout Lily Plans

A Skin-on-frame Kayak

Our Price: $70.00
Egret Plans Egret Plans

A Skin-on-frame Kayak

Our Price: $70.00