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Strike 16 Plans

Strike 16 Plans

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The Strike 16 is very easy to build with a stitch and glue hard chine hull and flat panel ply decks.

CLICK HERE for a study plan,(in pdf format). I suggest you also download the Strike 18 study plans as this has more drawings which will help you see the building sequence (even though a few details are obviously different)

Strike 18

Plans for the main hull include the Quattro 14 plans so that you can build the complete boat yourself. You can use the rig, rudders, deck gear etc from a second hand beach cat. Either a 14ft beach cat, or even a 15-16 ft beach cat if you normally sail in lightwinds, sheltered water conditions.

Plans are available only as download plans in pdf format.

The photos below show one of the first Strike 16's sold. It is being built by a home builder, the photos show progress made less than three weeks after receiving the building plans.

Strike 16 Materials List

6mm gaboon ply (8ft x 4ft sheets) 5 sheets
4mm gaboon ply (8ft x 4ft sheets) 4 sheets

2in x 1in 10m
11/2in x 1in 40m
1in x 1in 15m
5in x 1in 1m or laminate from 2in x 1in
3in x 2in kingpost 1m
4in x 1in 4m

Epoxy resin 10kgs min 200g glass cloth 2kgs min
Screws 3/4in counter sunk stainless steel 1000 (or use barbed ring nails)
Filler etc as required
Scrap timber for frame

No allowance for waste. Timber sizes nominal planed all round (PAR) use softwood, eg Douglas, fir, Sitka spruce etc