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Quattro 16 Plans

Quattro 16 Plans

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Sheet Ply

LENGTH W.L. 4.85m
BEAM O.A. 2.45m
DISPL (empty) 135Kg
SAIL AREA 18 sq m

The QUATTRO 16 is a twin trapeze high performance racing cat that has proven faster than the Hobie 16 or Dart 18. The hulls are rounded V built using the "stitch and glue" plywood technique which results in stiff, light-weight hulls (two adults can carry a fully rigged Quattro up the beach). Small skegs help tacking and pointing and protect the hull bottoms when beaching. A forward beam is used to stiffen the forestay. Like the PIXIE, the QUATTRO 16 is sold by the prestigious Wooden Boat magazine, the only catamaran plans in their portfolio.

"A very easy to build, fast and successful racing catamaran" Boats and Yachting Magazine.

"I live in Toronto, Canada and I recently began building a Quattro 16 in my garage. So far it is going well. I have included a few pictures of the boat so far. I will send more as the boat progresses, and I hope you like them! "

Although I never heard from the Canadian builder again, I did receive the photos, below, from a builder in France. He's a violin maker by trade, so the build quality is first class!

Here is a short Youtube video, taken from the Multihull Sailors Have More Fun! video