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Folding Blade Pull Saw with Replaceable Blade

Folding Blade Pull Saw with Replaceable Blade

Our Price: $19.95



When I saw this tool, I immediately knew I wanted one for my cruising tool kit. Having used pull saws before, I was already sold on the type. The fact that it folds is what makes it ideal for a traveling repair kit. And it doesn't hurt that it is only 6 inches overall.

Here is the company description:

This Pocket Folding Blade Saw is perfect for woodworking, plywood and other laminated wood. Because it cuts on the pull stroke and has very sharp teeth, the saw makes clean cuts easily. The chrome plated blade is made from SK-5 high carbon steel with well sharpened teeth and locks into one of two open positions for greater cutting efficiency. The ABS resin handle offers a comfortable, sure grip for extended use in difficult conditions. If the blade ever becomes damaged or becomes dull, it can be easily replaced. Blade thickness is 0.7mm with 14 teeth per inch. Blade length is 5", and folded length is 6".