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Viadana Transom Pintles and Rudder Gudgeons

Viadana Transom Pintles and Rudder Gudgeons
These are example parts - see variations below

A set consists of two gudgeons and two pintles. The ones here are sold individually and you need to order two of each to hang a rudder. The parts offered here are sold individually, which means you'll need to order two each of the rudder gudgeons and transom pintles to hang a rudder. Various combinations are possible, please refer to spec charts below.

Rudders from 1/2" to 1-3/8"

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
VIA-52.05 52.05 Viadana Rudder Gudgeon
VIA-52.06 52.06 Viadana Rudder Gudgeon
VIA-52.07 52.07 Viadana Rudder Gudgeon
VIA-52.08 52.08 Viadana Rudder Gudgeon
VIA-52.09 52.09 Viadana Rudder Gudgeon
VIA-52.10 52.10 Viadana Rudder Gudgeon
VIA-52.11 52.11 Viadana Rudder Gudgeon
VIA-52.12 52.12 Viadana Rudder Gudgeon
VIA-52.13 52.13 Viadana Transom Pintle
VIA-52.14 52.14 Viadana Transom Pintle
VIA-52.15 52.15 Viadana Transom Pintle
VIA-52.16 52.16 Viadana Transom Pintle
VIA-52.17 52.17 Viadana Transom Pintle
VIA-52.18 52.18 Viadana Transom Pintle
VIA-52.19 52.19 Viadana Transom Pintle
VIA-52.20 52.20 Viadana Transom Pintle
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Overview of parts

Pintle Dimensions

Gudgeon Dimensions