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Swifty 13 Plans

Swifty 13 Plans

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The Swifty 13 is a great day-sailer with minimal overnight capabilities.

The cabin is a haven during inclement weather, and will secure your gear while you're on land again. There is ample sleeping room for one (two if they are very close friends!). Although the cabin is small, openable windows and a large sliding hatch make camp cruising comfortable. The unstayed ketch rig is convenient and easy to use; the whole thing can be set up in about five minutes.

Twin full-length keels make the Swifty 13 easily beached, upright and stable, without damaging the bottom. They also eliminate the complications and crowding caused by centerboards or daggerboards. Don't be intimidated by the ketch rig; it's not at all hard to use and is really a lot of fun. The Swifty 13 will self-steer sailing to windward, even when reefed. With the three sails, many different combinations are possible.