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Plywood Canoe Construction

Plywood Canoe Construction

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Ply/Epoxy and stitch and tape construction is fun because, with little financial outlay, you can be on the water very quickly in a boat that you have created yourself over a period of only 25 hours or so, using basic domestic facilities. Apart from detailing these construction methods, the manual also includes chapters on Basic Tool Requirements, Jointing Methods for Chines and Long Planks, Low Cost Materials and Paddle Design and Construction. Also included is a chapter on CONVERTING YOUR OWN CANOE TO SAIL with details of RUDDER and LEEBOARD requirements and HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN SIMPLE SAILS.

This new version of the manual now includes details of canoe 'bits and pieces' - canoe trolleys, outboard brackets and wells, making a canoe in 2 halves, a sculling rig, floats and sponsons and various different rudders.

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