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A Manual of Plywood Boat Construction for Larger Craft

A Manual of Plywood Boat Construction for Larger Craft

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This manual covers the construction of boats using modern ply on frame techniques - the stitch and tape method of construction is fine for boats below 18' or so although I have used it for larger craft, but in larger boats it gets expensive and is not necessarily the easiest method to use. So, for boats over 16 or 18' I tend to use a combination of methods, often based upon a basic framework of slotted ply components - ply frames/bulkheads and fore and aft girders (egg-box construction) and use epoxy only where it is appropriate and cost effective.

This book describes the construction of larger yachts and motor craft (above 18') using various different types of framework and planking processes from the pure stitch and tape, through clinker to hard/multi-chined and of course, ply on frame construction.

Several of the methods described can be used for all sizes of craft where the builder does not want to use epoxy.

The construction of decks and cabin tops/superstructures is also described using various methods - plywood, strip plank, vertical staving etc and the manual concludes with the various ways in which you can finish your boat - these chapters are also relevant to other forms of hull construction - strip planking, cold moulded etc.

Note - The Manual of Fit-Out for Yachts and Launches will be an excellent companion to this manual and will help you complete your boat.

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