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A Manual of Clinker (Lapstrake) Plywood Boat Construction

A Manual of Clinker (Lapstrake) Plywood Boat Construction

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Many Selway Fisher designs can be built using the clinker ply method and some have been specifically designed for this method—this manual has 129 diagrams helping to explain the process from the set-up of the building jig, through making the internal framework, spiling the plank shapes and fitting them and finally fitting out the hull, fitting the deck structure etc and finishing the boat and shaping and making masts and spars.

To start the book, modern clinker construction is compared with more traditional methods making this book applicable to those wanting to use modern epoxies and plywood to build a clinker boat as well as those who want to stick strictly to traditional techniques. Rather than just concentrating on one particular modern method, this book looks at several variants of the modern methods first, including the ribband-less, stringered and what some call the Herreshoff method plus methods for flat bottomed craft and those using purely rounded moulds (from older designs), giving the reader a wide choice of methods to use and combine.

If you are thinking of using the Clinker Plywood method, read this manual first.

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