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Seadog LED Berth Light

Seadog LED Berth Light
SD-400829 (left) - SD-400827 (right)


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Each LED Berth Light has a MR-16 style LED bulb, part number 442816 rated at 12 volt, 10 watt DC.



The lights arrived in good time for me to mount them before our trip. Thanks so much.

I mentioned to Chuck in a -previous e-mail about posting the color balance of the LED lights on your web site. He was unable to find out, but I can tell you, after testing them, that the color balance on these LEDs is "blue white" or about 4000K. This is like the old fluorescent bulbs which were also in the blue white range.

FYI...This is not a very comfortable color balance for reading or a general ambient light. I suspected this would be the case and I am changing the bulbs to warm white LED's that are only 3 watts.

Since I have four lights the 10 watts each was drawing would have put a big drain on my 12 volt battery (3.5 amps). That is another reason I switched to 3 watt bulbs. I am not complaining, just passing on some background information based on my experience. Before I found your lights I was using track light fixtures for MR-16 bulbs but these were not damp proof and they looked clunky.

If you ever need the warm white, 3 watt MR-16 bulbs, they are available on Amazon for about $5 - $8 each. I took some pictures of the light the throw using the 3 watt warm white bulbs. This gives you some idea of how much light even 3 watts produces in a small cabin.

One thing to note. I installed the 3 watt bulbs in the fixtures and found that the spring clamp that holds the bulb in may be difficult to put back in.

First, there is not much clearance to pull the bulb, and I had to gently shake the light fixture to have it drop down far enough to grab.

Secondly, the spring clamp that holds the bulb in can be tricky to put back. If I left too much wire in the back, the bulb would not fit in far enough to put the spring clamp in. The same was true if I pulled the wires out too much. It was trial and error. The exchange was best done using flat nose pliers to hold the clamp so I could push both the bulb and the clamp in at the same time.

The 3 watts provide great reading lights in my small boat at 1/3 the power draw of the 10 watt bulbs.

Cheers and thanks for providing such good service.

Tom H