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Manganese Bronze Rings

Manganese Bronze Rings


Barrett Faneuf ordered several of them to use for rigging the two Welsford Navigators that she built. The primary use is to reinforce a sewn eye on tack, clew, or head of a sail. Scroll down the page for a picture of another application.

Die Cast Manganese Bronze

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
SD-192027 Manganese Bronze Rings - 1-1/16" ID
SD-192029 Manganese Bronze Rings - 1-1/8" ID
SD-192038 Manganese Bronze Rings - 1-1/2" ID
SD-192050 Manganese Bronze Rings - 2" ID
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Part Number A B
SD-192027 3/16" 1-1/16"
SD-192029 3/16" 1-1/8"
SD-192032 3/16" 1-1/4"
SD-192038 1/4" 1-1/2"
SD-192045 1/4" 1-11/16"
SD-192050 1/4" 2"

Tidmarsh Major sent us this picture of the horse he rigged on his Skat sailboat using one of our bronze rings and one of his home made blocks.