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Racelite RL-850 Camcleat with Swivel base and fairlead

Racelite RL-850 Camcleat with Swivel base and fairlead

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This cam cleat has a swivel base and fairlead which makes it ideal for a mainsheet. The camcleat is similar to our RL-260-S and will take up to a 7/16" line. The fairlead is like the Sea Dog SD082051. There is a nylon bushing on the swivel for free motion. Heavy Duty Stainless Steel construction - made from 0.062" thick sheet.

Important Note:

This swivel does not mount flush. You will need to let a space for the swivel rivet and the mounting recesses. You could make a wood base or just let it directly into the mounting surface.



Finally got round to fabing up a spacer to go under the swivel base. (Picture below).

I used a section cut from a caulking tube as a mold for some epoxy/wood flower paste.  Once hardened and sanded, I used a forstner bit to drill the center hole.  Then drilled the mounting holes and countersinked them.  Should work quite well.

Good luck N’ Thanks again,

David S.