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There are two versions of this clever HEPA filtered dust mask: a dual filter mask for greater volume and a single, lightweight version that you can put on in a second. I forget now who suggested these resporators but thanks! I contacted the manufacturer and found that they were actually a small business not unlike us. They are great folks to do business with and I found their products, while not like anything else out there, work very well and compared to conventional equipment are light and inexpensive.

More info below:


Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
RESP-JR-7 Resp-O-Rator Model JR-7
RESP-100 Resp-O-Rator Model 100
RESP-FILTERS Resp-O-Rator 2 Pk Filters
RESP-MOUTHPIECE Resp-O-Rator 2 pK Mouthpiece
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Model JR-7


1. HEPA filters
2. Totally latex free
3. Visibility in all directions.
4. No batteries to charge or replace.
5. No straps to contend with or snag hair.
6. Can even be worn with a full head ski mask.
7. Cannot build up condensation in valve chamber.
8. Can be worn with full facial hair and skin deformities.
9. Lightweight, one size fits all, simple to put on and take off.
10. No noisy little fans that humm, buzz or require maintenance.
11. Residual (rebreathed) air in valve chamber is less than 30 cc.
12. Downward exhaust discharge will not fog glasses or face shields.
13. Can be worn with full-face shields, safety goggles and most welding helmets.
14. Has a stand-by position so that it does not have to be removed to drink or speak.
15. Filters are located behind the head, drawing air usually from a cleaner environment.
16. Compatible with hearing aids, hearing protection (ear muffs and plugs), and headsets.

The Finest in
Respiratory Protection


Latex = Latex Free
Size = One Size Fits All
Filter Media Color = White
Residual Air = Less Than 30 Cubic Centimeters
Total Weight of the Resp-O-Rator = Under 7 Ounces
Tubing = Clear Vinyl, Food/Water Low-Pressure Use
Clear Clean Air Tubing For Visual Filtering Inspection
Breakaway Air Sockets and Nose Clip Tether for Safety
Filtering Efficiency = Over 99.97% Down To 0.3 Microns
Approximate Physical Size = 9” Wide x 12” Long x 4.25” High
Type = Modified Mouthpiece, HEPA Dust Filter, With Nose Clip
Filter Media Type = For Nuisance Type Particulates Not Containing Oil
Exhaust Valve = Accordion Pleated, Individually Factory Pressure Tested
Weight of the Mouthpiece on Mouth, In The Use Position = About 1.5 Ounces
Filter Media Area = Total For Both Two Sided Cartridges, Over 45 Square Inches

Resp-O-Rator Jr.
Model 100


1. Totally latex free.
2. Does not build up condensation.
3. Total visibility in every direction.
4. Will not fog glasses or safety goggles.
5. No straps to contend with or snag air.
6. No hot, stale, moist, air against your face.
7. Can even be worn with a full head ski mask.
8. Lightweight, one size fits all, simple and easy to use.
9. Can be worn with full facial hair and skin deformities.
10. Residual (rebreathed) air in plenum chamber is less than 35 cc.
11. Compatible with hearing protection (ear muffs & plugs),
hearing aids, and headsets.

Independently lab tested and shown to exceed N95 filtering capabilities

The Finest in
Respiratory Protection


Filter Media and Plenum Color= White
Breakaway Tethered Nose Clip for Safety
Features Replaceable Filter and Mouthpiece
Residual Air = Less Than 35 Cubic Centimeters
Filtering Efficiency = Over 97% Down To 0.3 Microns
Total Weight of the Resp-O-Rator Jr.™ = Under 1 Ounces
Approximate Physical Size = 4.2” Wide x 4.2” High x 1.75” Long
Filter Media Area, Per Cartridge, Two Sided = Over 22 Square Inches
Filter Media Type = For Nuisance Type Particulates Not Containing Oil
Type = Modified Mouthpiece, Particulate Filter, With Tethered Nose Clip

Click the image below for a product review by Gary Lansinger as published in Woodturning Design - Spring 2004.


Chuck, the Resp-O-Rator Jr-7 and other stuff got here today, usual quick service, thanks. Should have gotten one of the Resp-O-Rators when they first came out, it’s slick.
Skip Johnson

I wrote to Sandra yesterday to thank her for the last order I received, and I mentioned how happy I am with the Resp-O-Rator I bought from you. It solves about 95% of my breathing protection issues, and I will be recommending it strongly.

Hi Chuck,

I got one of the resp-o-rator Jr. masks a while ago and it works great for sanding since I have a beard. I contacted the guy who makes them and told him he should see about selling them through your site because I'll bet there are a lot of other boat builders with beards out there. He told me he contacted you before you left for New Zealand and that you might be considering carrying them when you got back. I'm planning on purchasing some more of them both as back ups around my shop and to give to friends and I'd like to buy them through your site if you are considering selling them.

Thank you for your wonderful site! I've got the planking done on my Welsford Rogue and I owe a lot of my actually finally building a boat to you for the work you've done in making boat building accessible and showing what other people have done. It is inspiring to be connected to this boat building community thanks to your site!

Thank you,
Scott Marckx

Here is a question from a customer:


I was just about to place an order for a few items, one being a resp-o-rator, but I'm confused about the replacement filters. Duxterity offers two different kinds of filter. One is a hepa filter (99% efficient) which fits the JR-7, and the other is only 97% efficient, and fits the Resp-O-Rator Jr.. I would like to order the larger model (JR-7), with the hepa filters. Does the "Two Pack Replacement Filter" you offer contain the hepa filters or the 97% ones?


We forwarded the query to Duxterity - here is their answer:

Hi, Colin:

The same replacement filters are used for both models. The filters for both of the Resp-O-Rators are exactly the same. When you use a single filter (on the Jr. model) twice as much air has to pass through it and the filtration efficiency drops just a little. It’s actually 98% but we say 97% just to be safe.

With the two filter system on the bigger model, HEPA quality, a minimum of 99.97% at 0.3 microns is attained. This is the best filtration made.

This is explained in the replacement filter instruction sheet contained inside each filter package.

Hope this will answer your questions. Please let us know if you need further explanation.

Again, thank you.

Jim and Rita Duxbury


For a very dusty project last fall which I did not undertake, I purchased a twin filter Resp-o-Rator from Duckworks. I have provided some feedback on it in the past, here's a bit more. Hope its useful.

It has become my go-to mask in the shop.

Advantages; really, really good air filtration, no foggy glasses in cold weather, no roasting sweaty face in warm weather, once on its hardly noticable, easy to engage and disengage from filtration.

Disadvantages; a bit of moisture drips out of the exhaust port, a bit fiddly to get on and off (gets better with practice), the nose clamp is also a bit fiddly (very slight leakage seems to be ok) and is a bit of a dangly distraction when disengaged from filtration, during cold weather (mid thirties F) the slip-fit connectors seem prone to separate.

Bottom line; glad I have it. Recently had a project that entailed cutting and routing western red cedar. With the mask on, no detectable cedar odor, even with slight leakage through the nose clip.

Thanks again and best regards, Ole Helgerson, Carson, WA