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Epoxy Pumps

Epoxy Pumps


Sometimes called "mustard pumps," these dispensers deliver a measured amount of any brand laminating epoxy, The large pumps fit 1 gallon, 1/2 gallon and Raka 1 quart containers. For System3 quart and pint bottles, use the small pump. There are no 1/2 gallon System 3 bottles so if you order a three quart kit of Silvertip epoxy you will need two small pumps

  • One shot of the larger pump will deliver:
    • 1 fluid ounce
    • 30 cc
  • One shot of the small pump will deliver:
    • 0.27 fluid ounce
    • 8 cc
A convenient way to measure epoxy components

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
S3-1SP 1 Small Epoxy Pump
S3-1LP 1 Large Epoxy Pump
S3-2SP 2 Small Epoxy Pumps
S3-1SP-1LP 1 Small Pump, 1 Large Pump
S3-2LP 2 Large Epoxy Pumps
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