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Eureka FP Canoe Plans

Eureka FP Canoe Plans


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Description Particulars

Enter the FP

We have been doing work on the FP project for a canoe with even more capacity than our original Eureka through the prompting of Richard Hayhoe, an American living in Japan. He was beset with a bunch of health problems when the prototype building came around.

So we are currently finishing off a prototype in the Philippines. Or rather Job Ferranco and Johnny Caman are.

This boat has another 100lbs available displacement relative to the original Eureka.

It is out to the 36" maximum normal width. Length is 4.73m (just short of 16ft). It squeezes towards 470 lbs capacity with 8” of freeboard and maybe another half inch sinkage gives another 65 lbs for use in some conditions.

Stylistically it owes a lot to the Classic Chestnut Prospector. The Prospector is a brilliant canoe with high capacity. But at the same time it is sweet as a solo boat, where most high volume boats just blow around and become difficult to manage with just one aboard.


Several of these canoes have been converted into trimarans or outrigger canoes for excellent sailing performance. Also as a diving or fishing platform. The outrigger structure is very light and removed from the existing canoe structure completely. Outrigger plans HERE


Be clear that I am talking about stylistic cues. As soon as you move to ply in five panels for simplicity the design reasoning has to be quite different, but I work hard to hit the right numbers with the right appearance so the boat will perform well and look good.

Weight in the recommended gaboon ply with trim in cedar or Paulownia should see a hullweight around 55 to 60lbs in 6mm ply.

It would also be possible to build in 3mm or 4mm (cable ties will have to be closer) with a layer of 2oz (70gsm) glass on the outside on bottom and bilge panels and then just 25mm or 1” onto the side panels. There is no need to use glass tape on the outside of the boat at all with this arrangement. Weight might be just over 40lbs for this configuration with Paulownia trim.

Resources on the Net

The Storer Boat Plans Facebook Group is very useful – Here is the building thread for the prototype Eureka FP and you can browse the group and ask questions.

My website has a lot of information https://www.storerboatplans.com