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Marlow Excel Marstron+ (Premium sheets)

Marlow Excel Marstron+ (Premium sheets)

Size: 5/16"/8mm (sold by the foot)
Our Price: $0.95


As we’ve said elsewhere, a good polyester doublebraid like our Raid Braid works well for sheets and control lines, but if you want something even better—something designed explicitly for that purpose—we think Marlow’s Excel Marstron+ is the way to go. It’s extremely light, has a nice soft hand, is very smooth through blocks, is abrasion resistant, absorbs almost no water, and it floats. Of course it’s also plenty strong, with an average breaking load of 2400 pounds.

If you’re tired of heavy sheets hanging from your boom and adding friction, or wringing out your wet lines—give this a try. Offered in 8MM (5/16") —an ideal sheet size for most small boats.

  • Termination options: Spliced EyeStitched & Whipped Eye
  • Construction: 8 Plait Polypropylene
  • Cover: 16 Plait Dyneema / Polypropylene
  • Applications: Control line tailsFloating RopesSheets
  • Benefits: Flexible & easily handle, Improved abrasion resistance, Smooth through blocks, Very light weight

Silver color