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Messing About in Boats Magazine

Messing About in Boats Magazine


Unfortunately, we can only book subscriptions in the USA and Canada at this time. Folks outside these countries check out MAIB-online

"Messing About in Boats" is absolutely the best small boat magazine to come along since the demise of the fabled "Small Boat Journal". Bob Hicks publishes the magazine once a month (12 issues a year):and each issue contains almost seventy pages of great content with very little advertising. That would be a bargain even if it wasn't all stuff you want to read about, namely messing about in boats. MAIB is undoubtedly the best small boat magazine in existence.


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The "Boston Globe" said about MAIB:
"In an age of information superhighways, Messing About In Boats is a dirt road linking backyard Noahs, would-be circumnavigators, steamboat restorers and weekend racers. It embraces virtually anything that floats!"

Until now, the only way to get MAIB was to mail a check to Bob Hicks, however after a bit of arm twisting, he has graciously allowed Duckworks Boat Builder's Supply to sell subscriptions online. Of course, if you would rather send Bob a check, you can find a subscription form HERE.

Each issue contains:

  • Commentary by Bob Hicks
  • Small Boat Safety
  • Book Reviews
  • You Write to Us About...Your Experiences, This Magazine, Your Needs
  • Bolger on Design
  • Directory of Builders, Designs & Plans, Supplies
  • Classified Marketplace