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MAIB-online (does not include printed copy)

MAIB-online (does not include printed copy)


Have you avoided subscribing to "Messing About In Boats" becasue of the high price of postage to countries outside the USA? Or perhaps you wish it were available to you anywhere in the world you can find a computer so you could read it at your leisure. Either way, you can now subscribe to MAIB-online and get this great magazine delivered to you via the internet as a PDF file. NOTE: buying MAIB-online entitles you to a PDF file only - you will not recieve a printed copy.

Don't worry, Bob has no plans to stop publishing the print version of the magazine, he just wants to have a cost-effective way to send it outside the USA.

For the print version of MAIB, click HERE.


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To see how this works, we are offering a free sample of MAIB-online. You can begin the download by clicking the icon on the right. These are fairly large files (+/-10 Mb) so you will want to have a broadband connection or a lot of patience.

When you subscribe, you will be added to our mailing list and you will receive an email each time a new issue is ready (once a month). This email will have a password and a link to the latest issue of MAIB-online.