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The POD2 & BIG POD Plans

The POD2 & BIG POD Plans


Click HERE for free POD2 plans

Click HERE for free BIG POD plans
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Click HERE for a FREE PDF paper model file for The POD

Both The POD2 and BIG POD plans are free to download. The POD2plans are complete but you will need both sets of plans to build the BIG POD.


Size Open 6 feet long, 30 inches wide, 10 inches deep
Size Folded 3 feet long, 32 inches wide, 22 inches high
Weight Approx. 40 pounds
Supports Approx. 150 pounds max
Propulsion Paddles, Oars, Sail or Electris Trolling Motor


  • Intended for children or young adults to build and enjoy.
  • Safety flotation chamber, will not sink.
  • Fits in the back seat of all cars, RV's, SUV's & trucks.

"The POD2 (Paddle On Demand)

This is a small little boat, conceived with idea that kids should enjoy boating as much as their parents and grandparents.

They should also learn first hand about boat building, and appreciate working with an adult to complete a project that is intended primarily for their use alone.

In the design phase, certain elements had to be adhered to: it had to be lightweight, portable, safe, easy to build, and low in cost. POD is all these things, and is fun to build and fun on the water. It transports nicely IN any vehicle while on the way to the water. It is lightweight, so even the youngest can carry it, or pull it. And it stores in a closet or corner of the garage in only 3 square feet of space, when not in use.

Having met the design criteria with POD, there was still something missing. Looks. With it's square sides and angled bottom it just wasn't pretty. So, to pacify the purists, me included, we are offering two options to the builder. Make it as designed with angled bottom, which is the easiest of designs to build, or with a nicely curved bottom, a little more difficult. The choice is yours. The plans include both versions, and the assembly techniques are very much the same. The following sketches should easily highlight the two designs. The plans will show the differences where required.

POD requires only hand tools and a jig saw to make, and uses readily available materials found at any home supply center.

This little boat is a good start for the beginning boatbuilder, as it uses current technology, is unsinkable, and low in cost to build. "

Print and build a paper model

Click the image below to download a three dimensional paper model of The POD. Then print the PDF file and follow the instructions.


I have enlarged the POD design to satisfy the adult community. The new BIG POD is 8 feet long and 3 feet wide, large enough for 2 people, or a fisherman with a lot of gear. It will still fit in all RV's, SUV's and Trucks, and the back seat of some cars.

To build your Big Pod, you will need to download both the Pod and Big Pod plans.


Size Open 8 feet long, 3 feet wide, 12 inches deep
Size Folded 4 feet long, 3 feet wide, 24 inches high
Weight Approx. 45 pounds
Supports Approx. 320 pounds max
Propulsion Paddles or Oars (no motor)