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The essence of this design lies in its simplicity. Easy to mark and cut panels, folded onto each other, and sealed with Scotch Waterproof Tough Tape. The tape is applied to all seams, folds and edges, and produces a fully waterproof hull, that is as tough as it is good looking. Then add a plywood floorboard for safety and hull rigidity, and tarp end covers for water protection. Eureka!

There are a series of small details, like the supports and the end covers, that turn the Canoe into a real useful boat design. The hull itself is unsinkable, and the fact that it can fit in the back seat of any car makes it a real take it anywhere, anytime, get out on the water wonder. And finally, the cost factor. A complete build comes in at about $75. Where else can you have this much fun for so little money?

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Happy Boating!
Ken Simpson, Designer