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Kirch's Kwik Patch

Kirch's Kwik Patch




These are all-purpose patch kits that evey boater or camper should have on any outing. They feature thick, peel-and-stickTeflon patch material with a super adhesive that will work on virtually any surface. This stuff will work where duct tape won't, is UV resistant, and there is no waiting for glue to dry or cure. Patch air mattresses, inflatable boats, kayaks, sea boots, foul weather gear, fishing waders, dry bags, even small holes in plywood or fiberglass boats.

Your choice of kits:

There are two kits available - choose the one you think most useful for your needs: also ask about larger or heavier pieces of teflon patch material

Emergency Repair kit: - contains two 3 inch dia. 5 mil teflon patches, two alcohol swabs, squeegee and instructions in zip-lock bag
Container Repair kit: - contains a 3 x 10 inch 5 mil teflon patch, two alcohol swabs, squeegee and instructions in a plastic vial.

Don Kirchberger "discovered" the properties of this space-age material almost by accident. Now he makes these kits for boaters everywhere. Here is his story:

"I had just arrived in Montana for my annual trout-fishing trip and was unpacking my pontoon boat so I could start fishing the Missouri River by early afternoon. During the set-up I noticed there was a leak in one of the pontoons, which had most probably been caused while transporting the boat from home. I located the patch kit that had been supplied with the boat. The directions stated the patch would take 12 hours to cure. Well, I was only going to be in Montana for 5 days; consequently, I was not a happy fisherman! I patched the pontoon and waited not too happily for the patch to cure. During the interim, I remembered my friend telling me about a new adhesive that cured quickly. I called him and he quickly FedExed me two 8x10 sheets overnight."

"The next morning I discovered that I had two additional holes. I did not have another 12 hours to give this process! This time I used the Teflon material to make the repair and within the hour, I was ready to go. I fished all week with no problems. Now, I know this sounds like a 'fish story,' but it actually happened that way!"

"Now after 30 years of engineering experience, I knew there must be a better way to deal th these problems, so I designed a repair kit to help fisherman, like me, who wants a quick repair for annoying incnveniences."

Instructions for Patch-N-Go Repairs*

Surface Preparation
  • 1. Patch should be applied at temperatures above 40 F.
  • 2. It is critical that the surface has been cleaned of any surface contaminants such as dirt, water, or oil.
  • 3. Remove surface contaminants with the Alcohol Swab that has been provided in the Patch-N-Go Kit. Allow the alcohol to evaporate.
  • 4. It is not necessary to roughen or use a primer before placing patch on the area in need.
Application Instructions
  • 1. Be sure the patch extends at least 1" from all damaged areas.
  • 2. Partially peel back the backing on the patch and apply the leading edge of the adhesive backed film to the cleaned surface.
  • 3. Apply the patch slowly, removing the backing while smoothing the patch.
  • 4. Minimize trapped air under the patch by working the patch from the center outward toward the edges.
  • 5. Once the patch has been applied, vigorously rub the patch with the plastic squeegee to enhance the
    bonding. Never peel back the patch from the material to determine if it is adhering to surface of item being repaired; this can destroy the bond.
  • 6. The patch will display excellent initial bonding within minutes of application, and the item will be ready for use. Further bonding will take place as the adhesive cures.

*Note: the above instructions are included in each kit

ask about larger or heavier pieces of patch material