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Glue on Studs

Glue on Studs


Our Price: $3.45

Include 4" x 4" fiberglass patch [$0.50]

Description Particulars

These studs come with our kayak foot braces when the glue-on option is chosen, but we can see lots of other possible applications. A bit of figerglass cloth and epoxy will attach these studs to any surface that will take glue.

Now we are offering Fiberglass patches for epoxying these studs down, in case you don't have any around. They are cut from 6oz, 4 inch wide tape.

Hi Chuck and Cindy,

I thought you might be interested in a different use I found for the glue on studs you sell. They make great power posts for electrical connections. With all those little holes one can attach many wires to the same contact.

They are much less expensive than standard electric power posts. You can even sell them into your electrical section. I checked the conductivity of the system and it is fine. I expect they would be good up to about 50 amps and 48 volts. This picture is just a test. The studs will be used in a solar powered RV trailer I am building-- not a boat this time. BUT, if I had thought of this earlier I would have used them in the solar powered boat I built.

Tom Hruby