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Swiftsure Plans

Swiftsure Plans
The Swiftsure pictured above was built by David Johnson of Grass Valley, California


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Both Stuart Reid and I have a strong interest in the traditional, and this sailable miniature along the lines of an 18th century Royal Navy Stoop based upon a plywood hull is a real treasure for those with a liking for character and gingerbread. Lots of sails and bits of string, carved trailboards and ratlines, bowsprit and topmast, not forgetting the square sail for downwind make Swiftsure pure fun.

But fun should remain as such, and not be spoiled by complexity so here we have a boat that can is easy to build, can be quickly rigged due to the ratlines being ganged together the bowsprit and topmasts housed, and much of the rigging left lying in the pulleys, can be sailed in knee deep water and yet can carry half a dozen people around the bay on regatta day.

Practicality and performance is a real criteria even in a "tabloid" vessel such as this.

Just imagine the silhouette as she comes into sight around the point at sunset, with flags flying, a miniature cannon and a crew outfitted in tricorner hats and sailor's caps, this would be a great vehicle for a bunch of greying pirates out for fun on a sunny day.