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Twixt Plans

Twixt Plans


Due to blue line paper shortages, there will be delays in shipping Jim Michalak's plans of a month or much more.
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After using Piccup Squared for a few years, I redid the bow into a warped V entry and called it Twixt. The bow bottom is slit on centerline and twisted on each side about 30 degrees. It's a common shape among aluminum johnboats and William Jackson did a lot of plywood designs like this decades ago in popular magazines His boats were built cut-and-fit fashion over a backbone form and Twixt uses jigless precut panel construction.

Twixt is quieter and has more refined motion. But it's not as good as Piccup in rough water. It's Twixt!

Same overall layout as Piccup and Piccup Squared and same exact 68 square foot lug rig with pivoting rudder and leeboard. But there's also an optional lateen shown.

Same bill of materials as the Squared, more or less, needing 4 sheets of 1/4" plywood. No Jigs, no lofting. Three blueprint sheets.