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Dockbox Plans

Dockbox Plans

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Description Particulars

Go ahead and laugh.

Sleeps two. 5 hp max. Very protected water only.

Nail and glue construction from two sheets of 1/4" plywood and four sheets of 3/8" plywood.

Bill McKeough built the prototype in Oklahoma but he narrowed the boat a foot so it would fit on his utility trailer (I would have done the same if I had the trailer already on hand) but he said the extra foot width would have been nice. I thought his finished boat was perfectly in tune with what the designer had in mind, right down to the mini tire fenders. Note that he added oarports, something not shown on the blueprints but not a bad idea.


Here it sits on the shore in autumn colors:

And here is Bill underway with his Dockbox:

He used it on a fishing trip and wrote:

"Hi Jim, I got out fishing; caught a mess of stripers. Did some speed runs with a GPS reading in Knots. Calm conitions, temp in low to mid 30'sF. 2.5 hp 2cycle engine. Top speed 5.3 kn; half speed 4.2 kn; slowest speed 2.2kn; I have to tow a bucket to slow down enough for trolling! When the wind picked up a little it was nice to be sheltered. Great little boat! Thanks, Bill"

Thank you, Bill!