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F1830 SOT Kayak Plans

F1830 SOT Kayak Plans

The F1830 is the newest BYD design and the tandem version of the F1430 Sit On Top kayak. It is a second generation boat, with an optimized hull and simplified kit. This boat will easily carry 2 adults and a big cooler, or 2 adults and a couple of small kids. The aft seat can be moved forward within the second cockpit to optimize the position of a single paddler.

Note: the Assembly Manual can be bought alone as study plans but it is required to build the boat along with the full size patterns and plans either printed or downloaded. The cutting files are optional.

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JFB-R1830-MANUAL-ID F1830 Assembly Manual - Download
JFB-R1830-PAT-PLAN-ID F1830 Full Size Patterns and Plans Download
JFB-R1830-PAT-PLAN-PRINTED F1830 Full Size Patterns and Plans Printed
JFB-R1830-CUTFILES-ID F1830 Cutting Files - Download
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LOA 18ft 5.5m
Beam 30in. 0.76m
Draft 4in. 10cm
Displacement* 465lb 210kg
*500lb maximum comfortable carrying capacity.