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Tenten 305

Tenten 305

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A pocket cruiser for one, inspired by the “Around in Ten” challenge.

In 2009, the “AIT” project was in the air, 5 boats where built, no one took the challenge, even Sven Lundin gave up. But the idea was then in my mind and I draw sketches for years. I am also a great fanatic of Jester and the junk sail and I like the concept of an enclosed minimalist sailboat.

Tenten 305 is designed to match the “C” stability and safety criteria. (6 Beaufort, 2 m/6” waves)

Both a lifting keel and a dagguerboard is included, in the last case the designed category is “D” for protected waters only. Choice of junk sail shape, simple “Hasler” or “Fantail”.

Stich and glue building on light frames and bulkheads. A large rear beam should help in case of capsize. Two bunks and storages.

The plans detail all the parts and panels dimension, the parts nesting on plywood sheets, the keel profil, the junk rig and sail, and a complete building sequence in 3D.

“Blondie” Hasler’ Jester, Ostar 1960 configuration.

Inside steering and folding seat.

Stability curve, self-righting boat with the rear arch immersion.

Easy building upright on a jig