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Biaxial Fiberglass Tape

Biaxial Fiberglass Tape

This is the stuff that is used for stitch and glue construction or for other reinforcement needs. Soak it with epoxy resin to reinforce plywood joints. Biaxial cloth has no selvages and will conform more readily to curves than regular tape. It is also stronger for it's weight since all the fibers cross the joint.

Note: There is a 30% discount for purchases of 20 or more yards of biaxial tape when buying by the yard.

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sold by the yard or by the roll

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
FIB-BIA-YARD-12X6 Yards of 12oz 6" Biaxial Fiberglass Tape
FIB-BIAX-ROLL-12X6 110 Yard Rolls of 12oz 6" Biaxial Fiberglass Tape
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There has been some confusion about the orientation of the fibers in this product. The glass strands are connected by stitches. The picture below shows the structure of the tape.