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8.8 oz. x 38" E-Glass Cloth

8.8 oz. x 38"  E-Glass Cloth
Sold by the yard


8.8 oz. x 38" - sold by the yard
Note: There is a $10 charge to ship fiberglass orders under 10 yards on a roll. To have your cloth shipped this way, click HERE. Orders of a single size and weight cloth that are 10 yards or more will be automatically shipped on a roll.

Our Price: $8.20

At the recommendation of Brandon Davis (Turnpoint Design) and some other high-end builders and fabricators, we've started stocking this 8.8 ounce fiberglass cloth known as E Glass or style #7725. It is also sometimes referred to as Burt Rutan cloth as it was developed for the Aerospace legend's his hand-layup technique.

It is similar to normal fiberglass cloth but the twill weave offers greater conformability and delivers a slight edge in strength. Makes a good replacement for conventional 10 oz cloth, It cures transparent like plain cloth, but because of its prominent weave it works best when used with peel ply, otherwise it might require and additional epoxy fill coat. Excellent for a bottom that will be painted.

As an example, this E-glass specified for the inside and outside of our new high-performance foam-core Skate 15 design.

The E Glass delivers uniform strength in both horizontal and vertical directions, with warp and fill yarns at 0 and 90 degrees, respectively. 38" wide. Sold by the yard.

We've bought in enough quantity that we can offer excellent pricing