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Milled Glass Fiber 1/32"

Milled Glass Fiber 1/32"


Our Price: $11.50


For use making a structural putty or paste. This finely ground, short filament fiberglass is ideal for creating fine fillets and for filling gaps. Milld glass fiber increases dimensional stability and impact strength, while minimizing distortion. Can be used alone or with Silica to prevent sagging on overhead surfaces.

Milled fibres are made from Advantex® glass. It has been engineered as reinforcement for foamed polyurethane, thermoplastics and thermosets and may be used under all normal conditions.

The Advantex® glass combines the excellent mechanical and electrical properties of traditional E-Glass and is the most environmentally friendly E-Glass with lower environmental footprint (boron-free and fluorine-free glass).

Comes in resealable screw lid container