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Epoxy Syringes

Epoxy Syringes


These syringes are popular for adding precice amounts of epoxy to places that are hard to get to. We have two sizes available - a large, 60 milliliter syringe with a plastic tip and a small, 10 ml one with a blunt metal needle.

Large Syringe Features:

  • 60 ml capacity
  • 1 ml incriments
  • individually wrapped
  • 1-1/5" plastic catheter tip

Small Syringe Features

  • Industrial Grade Syringe, 10 ml Capacity, Graduation Markings: 0.01 ml Accuracy of Markings: ±5%
  • Stainless Steel 18G x 1-1/2" Flat/Blunt Tip Needle with plastic cap/cover, Slip Tip Connection
  • Polypropylene Barrel/Plunger, For measuring and dispensing fluids/chemicals, lab use & experiments
  • Non-Sterile, Cannot be used for Injection, CE0197, Packaged in a Strong Heat Sealed Polybag
Two sizes to choose from

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
DW-SYRINGE-10X1 Single 10ml Epoxy Syringes
DW-SYRINGE-60X1 Single 60ml Epoxy Syringes
DW-SYRINGE-10X10 10-10ml Epoxy Syringes
DW-SYRINGE-60X10 10-60ml Epoxy Syringes
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Company boilerplate (small syringe):

Duda Energy Industrial Syringes are of the disposable type. They are made of plastic with an NBR stopper. The needles come with a plastic cap for storage between uses. They may be used multiple times for various applications. Due to the large gauge/size of the filling needle, these syringes work well with viscous liquids. The tips on the needles are blunt and flat so they cannot pierce skin. The needles are non-sterile. They may not be used for injection or any medical purposes.The Quality Duda Energy specially manufactures its own syringes with quality in mind. The markings on the syringe barrels are made with a high quality ink which is resistant to rubbing off. In our tests, the markings on the syringes could only be smeared initially with extremely potent solvents such as pure acetone. Our needles have a large gauge and are a true blunt tip so that cutting/scrapes are unlikely when using our syringes.