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Pump-up Solar Shower

Pump-up Solar Shower
Every boat needs one!


I am afraid we had to discontinue this item as we can no longer get it from our supplier. That said, it is pretty easy to do what we did before we did before we had them custom made: Just buy a good garden sprayer such as this one, cut the long spray handle off and replace it with a kitchen sink sprayer such as this one

A solar shower that you don't have to hang

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
DW-PSS-FLO-952361 Replacement Shower Head
DW-PSS-FLO-942003 Replacement Valve Handle
DW-PSS-FLO-942792-O Replacement Pump (current model only)
DW-PSS-FLO-956785 Siphon
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Pump-up Solar Shower

Fill it with water, put it in the sun, pump it up and you have a wonderful shower for the cockpit of your boat or anywhere you camp or cruise.

Sandra and I had these custom made by the folks at RL Flowmaster. We developed the idea after boating and camping for years with cheap gravity fed solar showers. One day we thought, why not a pump-up shower? So we went to Home Depot and bought a hand held sprayer like you see on kitchen sinks and a pump-up type bug sprayer. The latter came with a misting head that is no good for showers, but the kitchen sprayer had a spring loaded valve and the perfect spray pattern. We then married the two together and found we had created the perfect solar shower.

After using this shower for a while we decided to approach some of the sprayer manufacturers about putting such an item on the market. In our research, we discovered that RL Flowmaster had a suitable shower head and black two gallon pump-up tanks but had not wed the two. In talking to them we found that they would be happy to do so for us in an exclusive deal. So you will find these amazing showers no where but here at Duckworks.

The idea for our shower actually began way back in the 1980’s when our 4 kids were small and we used to take them to south Padre Island beaches on the TX coast. We had a VW van, and the kids all slept in the back. In the evening, they would be covered with salt and sand, so we would strip them down, stand them one at a time on a turned over bucket and spray them down with a garden sprayer. We did not have the shower head then, that came later, but it did the job, and they could get inside the van and sleep clean.

The shower has evolved, and I can personally say that it has meant many a comfortable night on our boat.

Not long ago, we went on a cruise on Lake Powell with Jim Thayer and his Kokopelli group. Somehow in our excitement, we forgot our shower and ended up buying a solar shower at Wal-Mart on the way to Utah. After a week of using that gravity-fed solar shower, I have renewed appreciation for the pump-up shower we have been using for all these years.

Here is a video from Brett Higgins:

Here is a completely unsolicited video from www.thefisherman.com:


We have spare parts available if in case something breaks or is lost. Please refer to the picture below when asking about spares.


Dear Sandra and Chuck,

The solar shower arrived this afternoon. Sadly, owing to the prevailing cloudy skies here in England, I was unable to test the "solar" part, but by filling it with a kettle of hot water, I can confirm that the "shower" part is very satisfactory! It's nice to think I won't have to wrestle with the plastic bag camping shower again.

Thanks for the prompt delivery and all round good service.


Toni Scott
In Stony Stratford, England

Hi Chuck,

My wife and I just spent 4 days moored at Angel Island in San Francisco Bay. We finally had a chance to use your solar shower. It is far superior to solar bags I've used. One day it did not heat up enough, so I took your suggestion and added some hot water to it. It worked so well that my wife actually enjoyed taking a shower in the cockpit of our boat. There's is nothing like a shower in the open air.

Thanks for the great product,

Bert Felton

Chuck Pierce took one of our showers on the 2011 Texas200. Here is a picture:


We have had the solar shower for a while, but just got back from a multi-day camping trip where we voted it the most useful piece of gear. There were two families with kids, and the weather was hot. The shower was used as a shower (of course), but also for cleaning dishes, cooling off, washing hands, brushing teeth, rinsing dirt off, etc. I have used the bag type before, but you have to find a tree or something to hang it from. It can't be easily moved around, and the pressure is low. Yours is great.

Happy sailing from a fellow stretch-Walkabouter,

Rick Thompson


The unit arrived today. In less than 20 minutes I took it into the shower stall for a test spin.

I showered, dried off and set the unit aside and promptly forgot about it. And that is the best review of all. If it had functioned poorly or in some undesirable manner I'd be complaining about it.

The pump up solar shower worked so beautifully that I hardly noticed a difference between it and our standard home shower when all was said and done.

I showered and got on with my day like nothing was different at all. That's how well it worked!

It will have a home in my tiny house on wheels soon. This pump-up shower makes one realize just how much water a standard shower wastes to do the same job. This shower should be a popular unit amongst the tiny house movement.

Rich Hodsdon


Here's what I ended up with on the sprayer. First trial with thinner zip ties going on each side of the web in the base of the pole clips wasn't a keeper. Cutting out the web and using bigger zip ties seem to do the job, looking forward to trying setup out sometime in the future when I can paddle again.

Ties go all the way around, about a 1/4" wide, actually came from Wal-Mart. I cut out the web of the 3/4" pole clips with an 1/8" drill bit- drilled some holes thru web and just wallowed them out. It's important to keep the 1/4" wide slots in pole clips to a minimum, the meat on each side of the slot is the only thing holding clip together.