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Dave Lucas Foam Kayak Full Size Pattern

Dave Lucas Foam Kayak Full Size Pattern

This an instant download - you will have to get it printed before you can use the pattern.
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Dave Lucas has made a number of Foam Kayaks. They are basically solid Styrofoam with fiberglass in epoxy over. Here are some of the articles documenting his efforts:

Dave had so much interest in these boats that he finally took one of the successful ones and drew up a pattern on a roll of paper. He sent the paper to me and I had it scanned and printed. Each sheet is 14 feet long and 30 inches wide and looks something like this:

We are basically offering these prints pretty much at cost. We are also offering the scanned file for anyone who might want to try to pick up the dimensions by scaling a small print or who can have a 14' x 30" print made.