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Bronze 4" Port Kit

Bronze 4" Port Kit

Now selling the complete bronze port kit: the 5.5" OD/ 4" ID bronze port ring, a ¼" tempered glass round, and a 9mm marine plywood ring with a routered recess for adhesive that builders can finish to suit, and 6 #8 bronze screws. Perfect for SCAMP, but suitable for other boats as well. Purchase additional bronze rings alone to finish interior with bronze as well.
Make your own portlight

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
DW-BRONZE-RING Bronze 4" Port Ring Only
DW-BRONZE-GLASS 1/4" Tempered Glass Round Only
DW-BRONZE-PLYRING 9mm Marine Plywood Ring Only
DW-BRONZE-PORTKIT Bronze 4" Port Full Kit
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We finally tracked down high quality bronze port rings at a reasonable price. These 4 inchers (5 7/16 OD) are perfect for SCAMPs and exactly like those found on Scamp #1, but will also look great on all kinds of small boats. These ports are only the bronze rings and do not include glass. We might be offering them as a package with glass pieces and plywood trim rings in the near future.

In the meantime installation options include cutting a slightly oversized hole in the cabinside, and sandwiching your custom cut glass or plexiglass between either this bronze ring and an inside plywood ring you make yourself, or for an even fancier look, between the bronze ring and the plywood wither another bronze ring on the inside to finish it off. Install with 6 bronze screws.

Compare to complete bronze deadlights which often sell for $200 or more each.