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Martinoli Oar Sleeves and collars

Martinoli Oar Sleeves and collars
Martinoli Oar Sleeves and Buttons (included)


Use these to modify a round oar for D-Type oarlocks like the Douglas Oarlock.

In the photos below, you can see that there are flats on three sides which align against the flats on the Douglas Oarlock to let the rower know he has the proper angle for either feathering or pulling.

Sold as a pair
Made of rugged, flexible plastic

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
DUR-COLLARS-pair-redgreen Pair of Martinoli Collars only
DUR-SLEEVESANDCOLLARS Pair of Martinoli Sleeves and Collars
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These sleeves are designed to fit on a standard 1-3/4" round oar shaft.

To put the sleeves on your oar shaft, slide the cover off as shown below on the left. Then slide the sleeve over the oar shaft and replace the cover. If your oar has a larger loom and the sleeve won't slide down the shaft, it can be spread as shown in the photo below, right.

The rowing or stroking flat of the sleeve should be set parallel to the tip of the oar blade.