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Disko Bay & Disko Dreadnought Plans

Disko Bay & Disko Dreadnought Plans


Metric & Imperial

Disko Bay:
16'6" x 21.5" {5.03m x 54.6cm}

Disko Dreadnought
18' x 23" {5.48m x 58.4cm}

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2 greenland style kayaks

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To my mind, the 1931 Disko Bay is one of the classic West Greenland style qajaqs, and it has been reproduced in large numbers by builders looking for an authentic and great handling boat.

The Disko Bay is fast, comfortable, stable and rolls exceptionally well - a perfect all around boat with a real history.

Scroll down for info on the larger DISKO DREADNOUGHT.

What makes this one an "original" design? This:

She's been modified for non-traditional construction. Instead of dozens of steam bent ribs, laboriously mortised and pegged into the gunwales, there are just a few marine plywood frames. The stems, too, are ply. The result is a boat that is vastly quicker and easier to construct, but looks and performs exactly the same as the original. Other modifications include a standard sized cockpit (18"x30") and a slightly raised masik for more leg room. Neither of these mods influence the handling, at all, and you can certainly build yours with a traditional sized cockpit coaming and less legroom, if you prefer.

Canadian Museum of Civilization catalog # IV-A-375.

17' long, 22" wide, weight about 26lbs {12kg}. The Disko Bay is suitable for paddlers up to a maximum of about 205lbs {93kg}.

If you are a larger paddler, then consider building the DISKO DREADNOUGHT, instead. The DD is an otherwise identical, scaled up version of the Disko Bay, useful for boaters up to 250lbs {113kg}. Note that either of these boats will be a tight fit if you are approaching the top end of their capacity. The Disko Dreadnought is 18' x 23" {5.48m x 58.4cm}.