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ECO 6 Plans

ECO 6 Plans



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Description Particulars

The ECO 6 looks like the ECO55 cruiser, but it is a completely new design. The small increase of only 0.5m and increasing the total beam to 2.84m created a lot of possibilities. The cabin is much bigger; the boat now sports an enclosed bath room. There is a lot more stowage room.

The most obvious differences are the Gunter rig, the trampoline at the front and the seat extensions which can be used as back rests too. A nice feature is the front seats.

The extensive drawing set and the description will help you to build the boat and the Gunter rig too. This will safe you a lot of money. The rig is the most expensive thing you have to buy.

A scaled down drawing can be viewed below.

The plans consists of 32 drawings and a description of 26 pages.

Hello Chuck,
Follow-up on the Eco 6 plans I purchased through SCA.
I've sourced many pix of this design and slight variants from the web. My best find was located the K-Design Group. Here's its URL:
Other study plan purchasers may wish to join the group to source design variants of a number of the K-Design series. The information I've gleaned has been helpful to me.. not commited yet to a build.
Perhaps you can pass this info along to others who may be interested in Kohler's Catamarin designs and some of thequestions raised by various builders.