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Ondina 430 Plans

Ondina 430 Plans


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Description Particulars
The ONDINA is a kayak designed with little compromise and destined to those who wish to experience long excursions at sea, it is pleasant to row, quite stable and above all, fast. With the chine version, the ratio between waterline length and beam of more than 9, goes to show - without any doubt - its speed capacity. Flaring of the sides affords good "secondary" stability, while small angle stability is not so high as expected for a sea kayak. The chine version required a considerable study particularly for planking in order to "strip it" into proper shapes suitable for construction with plywood panels. The round version has hull characteristics which are quite different and make it more suitable as an expedition kayak rather than a speed kayak: thanks to a lower wetted surface it allows one to maintain (for a long time and without excessive effort) a constant moderate speed; the hull is flatter which, besides giving it greater initial stability, allows the rower to sit in a lower position (thus increasing stability even further); load capacity is considerable and allows it to carry even tents, sleeping bags and other equipment. The construction is rather arduous, but may produce fine aesthetic results.