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V14 Runabout Plans

V14 Runabout Plans

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Length - 13' 10"
Beam - 4' 10"
Bare Hull Weight - (approx) 250 lbs
Power Requirement: 10 to 30 hp, short shaft outboard

'V14' is an (almost) 14' runabout based on a 1950's design called 'Victory'. The original plans are available on the Svenson's boat plan website, (http://www.svensons.com/boat/).

Methods of boat building have progressed some since the 1950's. These plans are produced from a 3D CAD model, prepared in 'SketchUp' software. The frames and flattened hull panels are extracted from the model.

This method of design enables the boat to be constructed in a strong monocoque form, with all of the frame and seat panels forming part of the structure.

The boat is designed for short shaft outboard engines in the 10 to 30 hp range.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of woodworking should be able to make this boat.

Whilst this manual sets out the construction sequence in detail, the builder should have a basic knowledge and ability of working with wood and epoxy resins and glass fiber.

Before buying materials, or starting to build this boat please read and familiarize yourself with the drawings and construction manual.

Bear in mind that the build sequence and method of construction can be varied to suit your preference.

Recommended Reading

Two excellent books on the subjects of boat building and working with polyester and epoxy resins are:

Jim Michalak: ' Boatbuilding for Beginners (and Beyond)' and
Harold Payson: 'Build the New Instant Boats'