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APLTec Composite Patch Kit

APLTec Composite Patch Kit

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Save Your Boat. Save Your Cruise. As simple as a sticker!

A friend entering the Race to Alaska told us about these fantastic all-weather, error-proof, fast-curing repair kits being sold in Spain. Instead of some clumsy two-part putty that you hope to stuff into or over a hole, these APLTec kits include an approximately 8-inch square of an 18 oz biaxial cloth, sealed inside of a plastic sleeve with separated epoxy and resin.

Volvo Ocean Race Teams making repairs using Composite Patch.

Simply pull off the squeegee dividers, saturate the cloth inside the bag, then put on the included latex gloves and apply the patch.

This Composite Patch is universal for use on all kinds of surfaces and it hardens fast in the coldest weather, in high humidity, under rain or even under water!

It also eliminates the need for resin and hardener bottles, a scale, mixing cups, stirrers, rollers of brushes or cleaning solvents.

We were impressed and thought they'd be ideal for the Texas 200, R2AK, Everglades Challenge, or really just to keep aboard any boat. We contacted the company to order kits of our own. It so happens that they only offered larger kits with more cloth for bigger boats, so we asked them to make us these special smaller versions and they agreed. Our kit features an approximately 8 x 8" piece of 18 oz biaxial fiberglass cloth. Now a little 12"-long cardboard tube (7.5 oz) holds everything you need to repair your boat even from significant damage. Don't leave harbor without it.