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6 Meter Whaler Plans 6 Meter Whaler Plans

Lots more than just a sail trainer

Our Price: $270.00
AWOL Plans AWOL Plans

Speed, but not at the expense of comfort

Our Price: $245.00
Clarence River Dory Plans Clarence River Dory Plans

Its a long story. But then, I like telling long stories

Our Price: $145.00
Daniel's Boat Plans Daniel's Boat Plans

10 ft sailing dinghy

Our Price: $125.00
Fafnir Plans Fafnir Plans

A tough little cruiser for one or two

Our Price: $220.00
Golden Bay/Setnet Plans Golden Bay/Setnet Plans

A simple little load carrier

Our Price: $110.00
Houdini Plans Houdini Plans

My escape machine, the biggest little cruiser

Our Price: $170.00
Janette Plans Janette Plans

General purpose dinghy

Our Price: $130.00
Joansa Plans Joansa Plans

Sporting rowing

Our Price: $110.00
Kiwi Duck Plans Kiwi Duck Plans

Inspired by the Puddle Duck Racer

Our Price: $25.00
Light Dory Mk II Plans Light Dory Mk II Plans

Seaworthy Rowing

Our Price: $105.00
Navigator Plans Navigator Plans

Cruiser — daysailer — race trainer

Our Price: $220.00
Pathfinder Printed Plans Pathfinder Printed Plans

A serious cruising dinghy

Our Price: $260.00
Pelegrin Plans Pelegrin Plans

With a favourable wind and an eye on the horizon

Our Price: $285.00
Penguin Plans Penguin Plans

A four berth trailer yacht with character and comfort

Our Price: $330.00
Pilgrim Plans Pilgrim Plans

Family Daysailer or Adventure Cruiser

Our Price: $245.00
Rifleman Plans Rifleman Plans

lightweight runabout in the classical style

Our Price: $185.00
Rogue Plans Rogue Plans

A daysailer with sneaky speed

Our Price: $145.00
Roof Rack Plans Roof Rack Plans

A practical tender for tiny keelers

Our Price: $55.00
S.C.A.M.P. Plans S.C.A.M.P. Plans

A mini microcruiser

Our Price: $149.00
Saturday Night Special Plans Saturday Night Special Plans

Quick build, quick sailor, the most boat you'll get for your buck

Our Price: $120.00
Scraps Plans Scraps Plans

A tiny but burdensome tender

Our Price: $65.00
Seagull/Mollyhawk Plans Seagull/Mollyhawk Plans

Simple recreational rowing

Our Price: $105.00
SEI Plans SEI Plans

A little taste of the Viking

Our Price: $145.00
Sherpa Plans Sherpa Plans

A little load carrier that can become an explorer

Our Price: $105.00
Sundowner Plans Sundowner Plans

A little ocean cruiser - small, affordable and exceptionally tough

Our Price: $670.00
Swaggie Plans Swaggie Plans

A mighty, miniature long range cruiser

Our Price: $330.00
Sweet Pea Plans Sweet Pea Plans

Sport cruising on a budget

Our Price: $245.00
Swiftsure Plans Swiftsure Plans

Just for fun, but so much fun with her square topsail

Our Price: $145.00
Tender Behind Plans Tender Behind Plans

Seaworthy yacht tender

Our Price: $70.00
Tread Lightly Plans Tread Lightly Plans

A design from start to finish

Our Price: $170.00
Trover Plans Trover Plans

A seeker of (treasure) trove

Our Price: $130.00
Truant Plans Truant Plans

The most fun you can have without getting wet

Our Price: $130.00
Walkabout Plans Walkabout Plans

A Cruising Dinghy for the Maine Island Trail

Our Price: $220.00