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Slingshot 16 Trimaran Plans Slingshot 16 Trimaran Plans

A fast, solo trimaran

Our Price: $99.00
Slingshot 16 Tandem Trimaran Plans Slingshot 16 Tandem Trimaran Plans

A fast, two person trimaran

Our Price: $99.00
Slingshot 19 Trimaran Plans Slingshot 19 Trimaran Plans

Light, fast and easy to rig

Our Price: $119.95

Frank Smoot

Frank Smoot has spent most of his working life as a carpenter / remodeling contractor. Although he likes nothing more than designing and building things, Frank didn’t discover boats and sailing until 2009. Yet in the short time since then, he has designed and built more than 20 different boats - some monohulls, some catamarans, and quite a few trimarans. (You can see most of his creations on his web site at www.DIY-Tris.com )

Because Frank lives on Florida’s west coast, just south of Tampa Bay, all his boats are designed with very shallow draft. Most can be launched in 4 or 5” of water, and sailed away - upwind - in just 6”. And because he mostly beach launches, his boats are designed to be as light as possible.

Frank is also a huge fan of leeboards. (To find out why, please go HERE.) In fact, everything about his designs makes them perfect for sailing safely and quickly - typically up to 14 mph - in shallow waters. And with their unstayed sail rigs, you can be sail-ready in less than 10 minutes!

After countless requests by web site visitors for plans, Frank is finally able to provide them. The plans now offered are for the “Slingshot 16” (a single-seater), the “Slingshot 16 Tandem (a 2-seater version), and the “Slingshot 19,” designed to seat two or more.

All three boats are light, quick, easy to rig, and easy to build from the extremely complete plans, which include not only the excellent CAD drawings of Jerome Delaunay, but photos and explanatory text covering every single step of the build.

And you get FREE EMAIL SUPPORT for your build – no matter how long it takes!