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We at Duckworks are fortunate to have our own exclusive sailmaker. Bill has made literally thousands of sails for happy customers over the past dozen years or so. He does have a smallish loft so he can't make sails over about 150 sf. If you would like to see about having Bill make a sail for you, please email Chuck (chuck.leinweber@gmail.com) with the type of sail, the number of square feet, the number of rows of reef points, the color and any other pertinent information. If it is a jib, we will be able to either install a wire luff or grommets for hanks. We don't need specific dimensions for the quote, but before we can make the sail, we will need a good drawing or sketch. In some cases we already have drawings in house.

You can click on the picture of Bill above and you will go to a page that lets you select the particulars of the sail you want and get an instant price.

In general, our sails will start at around $5.65 per square foot. Colors such as Tanbark or Cream will add to that as will reefing lines and battens.

Click HERE for an essay by Jim Michalak about figuring sail area.