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Artemis Sailing Canoe Plans Artemis Sailing Canoe Plans

A modern 50/50 Sailing canoe

Our Price: $130.00
Most of my life has been spent with messing around in boats. Since 2008, I am designing and building boats up to 20 feet in my part-time workshop in Switzerland, at the shore of the Lake of Constance.

I like designs which are extremely versatile - for paddling and sailing, for endurance raids and for small errands, cruising trips or expeditions.

Most of my work is designing components which are easy to use and developing concepts which are highly practical. The best ways are simple, because life is complicated enough.

Simplicity means to leave out anything superfluous. When paddling or sailing, it means to cut out accessories which just generate work, weight or cost. This approach gives me more freedom and more leisure time on the water. It´s a fascinating concept.