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Blended Filler Blended Filler

Makes an easy-to-sand filler for fillets or fairing uses.

Graphite Powder Graphite Powder

Protect your boat's bottom

Our Price: $6.95
Blended Fairing Compound Blended Fairing Compound

Makes an easy sanding mix

Our Price: $20.00
Chopped Fiberglass Strand Chopped Fiberglass Strand

adds strength to any mixture

Milled Glass Fiber Milled Glass Fiber

adds tensile strength to any mixture

Milled Cotton Fibers Milled Cotton Fibers

adds strength to epoxy

Phenolic Microballoons Phenolic Microballoons

Used to make a fairing mix

Glass Bubbles Glass Bubbles

Use to make a fairing mixture

Our Price: $8.50
Fillet Blend Mix Fillet Blend Mix

A fillet mix already formulated

Our Price: $10.00
Wood Flour Wood Flour

for making structural fillets

Silica Thickener Silica Thickener

high strength thickening agent for epoxy

Non-Skid Paint Additive Non-Skid Paint Additive

Mix with any paint or varnish

Our Price: $10.95
RAKA Epoxy Pigment RAKA Epoxy Pigment

Liquid tint for Raka epoxy