Duckworks Pintle and Gudgeon compatibility chart

Below is a chart that tells you which pintle will work with which gudgeon. I have included gudgeon to gudgeon combinations too as these can connect using pins. Indeed, the Weekender vertical gudgeons and Weekender rudder gudgeons are intended to be used together, yet require a pin. At times, to hang your rudder, you will need four or more different parts - this chart lets you determine which ones are compatible.

good fit
will not work
the hole in the gudgeon will have to be Drilled larger
Drill the gudgeon hole larger and Pin
the parts fit together but there is limited Motion
use Long pin pintle only
Pin required (there may also be limited motion)
will fit if Drilled but it is not recommended
pick Small hole gudgeon
pick Small hole gudgeon and use long pin

motion limited motion limited
motion limited
motion limited
motion limited